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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
13% is a lot.

13% is the difference between 60 points and 69 points, between 30 goals and 34 goals. It's a big difference.

Were there really people who thought Gionta would produce more than Cole and Pacioretty?


When has DD ever been a 67% faceoff player?

That would make him the best player in the league for faceoffs.
If you are really using 1 faceoff every two games as a defense, I don't even need to argue that. It's a joke and you know it. Yes, Plekanec takes more actual defensive zone draws -- for a few reasons. One, he's an awesome two-way center. Two, he wins faceoffs in the defensive zone. Desharnais is still young in his NHL career but got better defensively as the year went on. But he's horrible at defensive zone faceoffs where-as he excels in the offensive zone circle (Plekanec is really weak there).

Fair enough, but Gionta was still expected to put up 20-25 goals, which hurt Plekanec after he got hurt. Cammalleri was expected to put up 25-30 goals. Cole 20-25, Pacioretty probably around the same. Our winger depth seemed fine going into the season and the lines struggled until we finally found one that clicked. Unfortunately, Cammalleri turned into a prima-donna (more than he was) and Gionta got injured.

If you read what I said, he was 67% on the PP.

Originally Posted by bsl View Post
This whole thread is so fail. What the ****. Does no one remember when Habs had great centers?

And why would we extend DD anyway. Why should we? Why is this a topic? There is no need to do this.

We have NO depth at C. We are crap at C and I've been posting this for 2 years. Our centers do not score goals.

Check our goal total for centers last year, and then ask if this might be a reason we finished 27th overall, because it's a huge reason. When are people on this board going to realize this? And don't say his assists count. They don't.

Go talk to Jean Beliveau about centers scoring goals. It is the difference between cup contenders and not. At least one C on your team has to be a big goal scorer. Has to.

When Gretz needed to score goals, he did. When Sid needed to score goals, he did. All great centers can switch to goal scoring mode if required. Gally is that guy, I pray, finally. DD will never ever be that guy, and we have better and bigger centers that play other roles he cannot. I love DD, but he is useless for our team in building a cup winner.

We have **** all in goal scoring at C, and DD is exactly the wrong type of center for us the next 3 years. He's great, but he's ****ing awful in combo with Eller and Pleks, who can't score goals either. You going to trade one of them before DD? No ****ing way.

The last thing we need is yet another second line, small, really small C who can't score goals. DD is wonderful but he's just an awful top 2 C for the Habs medium term.

Agreed. Put DD in Eller's role last year. Switch it up. Let's see what happens then.

There are many, many unassisted goals scored in Hockey. Ever play it? And second assists should be eliminated from scoring also. We need goals from our centers, not average assist totals with very good wingers, and no goals.

This is such a love fest. Yeah I love DD, but what a joke this is. Guys here need to get some perspective on the centers that actually play on good teams. We finished 27th overall last year and posters here are celebrating DD? They should be ****ing pissed off at him, Pleks and Eller. I know I am. They can't score on a ****ing barn door. Christ.

DD had a full time role on this team that finished 27th. He is not a child. He wears the Habs jersey. He deserves to take **** like every player on that team. Every player. They all failed, and they don't need hugs from us. Raise your expectations for players on the the Habs. And injuries are no excuse. Step up and play, replace the injured player. If you can't, you're not good enough. Your team is not good enough.

Perhaps you did not know: Lafleur, Lemaire, Lapointe, Savard and many others used to hear it from fans when they lost. And they expected that. Not hugs. They wore the CH. Rookie or vet, did not matter. Times were different yes, and it's tougher now. But I see no reason to give any player on the Habs a break, and a pat on the back for finishing 27th.

If there is a better Center than DD that can help the Habs win, then I want that player, not DD. So should you.

No, you don't just 'work with you have'. NHL teams can act, they are not helpless. Get better players that fill needs you have, like goal scoring centers.

No. DD does not 'fit in just fine'. He's yet another small, non goal scoring center on a team that has had far too many of them the last 15 years. Wonder if that might have any relation to not winning cups. Hmm.

Look. In conclusion, you guys are gonna torch me. I know this. But I see a disproportionate amount of expectation for this player, especially given his size, and his very small playing sample. I see no realism at all regarding DD.

Further, I'm amazed that Habs fans think this highly of a center that is at best average, given this team's history of great centers.

Edit: I will eat every damn word of what I just wrote if DD adjusts and scores 30 goals next year. Because Pleks and Eller will not, and that is what we need. If he's as good as you say, that is what he has to do, he should step up and score goals. I am not interested in his assists. I want to see goals from him. And mark me: He will lose his job if he does not do this. See you in a year.

We are talking extension because Desharnais is the one man rock band, bayyyybayyyy!

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