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08-17-2012, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckschmuck View Post
This is a common syndrom around town that I have noticed. When the Jets left, many chose to follow other teams since there was no longer any NHL in town. For 16 years, they could cheer loud and proud for their team around town, and vitually no one would care. But now that there is a team back in town, there is a renewed sence of community towards the team, and people became vocal about the new team in a positive way, and openly cheered against the Bruins and other teams when before those fans lived in virtual anonymity in the city, ergo competition and/or attention taken away. The focus is now on OUR team, and if you cheer for someone else, you are the enemy and you will hear about it. Many fans of other teams in Winnipeg are whining and crying about how everyone is in love with the Jets and are tired of hearing about the Jets. Wah, boo hoo, sob sob, cry me a river. Don't like it, then join our side. Otherwise, ts.
Spot on, that is so true. Do you remember that local Stars fan that posted here last season and complained that he was now viewed as the enemy at games versus previously being able to walk around town anonymously while sporting a Stars kit?


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