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12-03-2003, 11:54 PM
Larry Fisher
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Though out...Oiler trade ideas

The fact that Comrie alone is obviously NOT bringing us the return we had hoped for and will Pendegrasts comments about a 2 for 2 or 3 for 3 deal i was thinking.
A package deal is necessary and Jason Smith might be the core ingredient to make a deal go. Smith has been playing pretty solid this year albiet in the shadow of Staios great play. I think Smith could really do wonders for a team with a relatively young defense (Florida/Nashville/Atlanta/Phoenix) and a new Captain, the other Smyth, might boost Ryan's performance and inspire the rest of the team.
Laraque still holds a lot of value league wide because he is respected as probably the best heavyweight when he does fight and he also has the ability to dominate the opposition along the boards.

My proposed deals:




Van Ryan

= Edmonton gets Marcus Nilson who can bring added offense to our present and our future. I don't know how he would fit into the scheme of things with our forwards already overloaded but i am guessing we would find no problems with making room for him, maybe alongside Hemsky. Van Ryan can step up and log 15 minutes a game and maybe even bring us some more offense from the backend...he won't cancel out Smith but he brings a nice set of skills. Krajicek might be the key to any deal with Florida because although MA Bergeron is playing steady and quarterbacking our PP we could use another future rushing d-man with poise. Hordichuk doesn't quite cancel out Laraque skill wise but i think Darcy will be more of an energy player and will be able to change the momentum moreso than Laraque has this season.


3rd rounder

= Obviously the offense and potential coming our way seals this deal. Legwand will be a player in this league in the near future he would definitely seal our situation at center and perhaps allow us to run 3 scoring lines. Shishkanov is an intriguing prospect with game breaking upside but i think he could turn out be a Samsonov or an Afiinogenov...the skills are in the bag but whether they can translate to immediate success at the NHL level remains to be seen. Brookbank could probably crack our blueline as a #6 and he would fill the role of enforcer for the departed Laraque. The third rounder just balances everything out.


Ilja Nikulin
Brad Schell
2nd rounder

= ***This deal is weaker, the Thrashers are out of the runnings as of now. I looked through Atlantas list of players and properties and aside from Hurme nothing on their current roster intrigues me. Hurme could be had for cheap (mid round pick) because of their goaltending overload so he doesn't hold a lot of trade value but he may hold value to the Oilers if they have any plans involving a separate trade that ships Salo out. Nikulin is a fairly big and mobile defense prospect who would add to our future depth on the backend. Schell has struggled with injuries and consistency over the years but is having a breakout season this year in Spokane...he has a nice set of skills but plays a soft mans game. The second rounder could be changed to either a 1st rounder or else take out the 2nd drop Nikulin and add Coburn...i would think that is Lowe's goal but a 2nd would be reasonable.


3rd rounder

= This deal would address a lot of Oiler needs current and future. Vaananen gives the Oil an immediate replacement for Smith on the blueline and although they play completely different styles Vaananen could be considered an upgrade. Taffe is and has been for a few years a highly regarded prospect...he would address our need for size and skill at the second position. Spiller is a big strong and young d-man who is not afraid to drop the mitts...he could help cushion the blow of losing Laraque but with Vaananen included in the deal Spiller would likely play most of the year in Toronto. The 3rd rounder is just another balancing act to make this deal work.

I put some thought behind these deals and tried to address each team's needs. Personally as an Oilers fan i would be interested in entertaining all of the packages but in this order: Phoenix, Florida, Nashville and a distant 4th Atlanta.

What do you guys think of these proposals? How realistic are they? Could you see any of them being possible? Which deals do the Oilers give up to much or take in too much value wise?

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