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Interesting--so these rules apply even if a player is still on his ELC?

Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
It's more involved that just the type of contract--I looked up the rules a couple of weeks ago. A player must be waiver exempt to play in Hartford during a lockout. Whether they are waiver exempt depends on what age a player was when they signed their contract (not the age when they start playing professionally) and how many NHL games--including playoffs--they have played. This is copied from the Business of Hockey board:

For exemption determination, NHL games played include regular and post season games.

Once the number of games exempt has been reached, the player is subject to waivers. However, if the number of games has not been reached, if a player starts the season with a year of exemption remaining, they aren't subject to waivers until the following year.

Age in tables below is the player's age when they signed their NHL contract (regardless of when they begin NHL play).

Article 13.4
Goalie Exemption:
Age Years from signing - NHL NHL Games Played
18 6 80
19 5 80
20 4 80
21 4 60
22 4 60
23 3 60
24 2 60
25+ 1 .

Player Exemption:
Age Years from signing - NHL NHL Games Played
18 5 160
19 4 160
20 3 160
21 3 80
22 3 70
23 3 60
24 2 60
25+ 1 .

I haven't looked it up, but it's possible that Del Zotto is not eligible and I don't know how old Hagelin was when he actually signed his contract (he played a total of 81 games). The others mentioned (except Haley--I suspect he probably signed more than 5 years ago) should be eligible.

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