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Originally Posted by Crazy8oooo View Post
You obviously don't know anything about Getzlaf and I question your hockey knowledge. Getzlaf isn't a goal scorer...if you watched him play, you'd know this. He has a hell of a shot, but is a 'pass first' type player. To rate him or any other player solely based on goal totals, shows that you know nothing about him or might not have a high knowledge of hockey, in general. Also, aside from last season, he was over a PPG player for 4 consecutive seasons. You don't become that without being a great player. Based on your argument, you must also not think Henrik Sedin is a very good player, right? I mean, the guy's scored 29 goals once, 22 once, and then nothing over 19 goals the rest of his career. He must just then be a product of Daniel, right?
O boo freaken hoo. I picked on your player. Get over it. Getz hasn't touched 20 goals in three years. He's a PPG player because his winger's score 80 friggen goals! And again, if you read the posts, I'm not saying he's a terrible player. He plays well in the system he's in for the eleventeenth time. But if Getz was ever traded to a team with two different and lesser winger's. I guarantee he would be no where near as productive and the gaining team would be heavily disappointed.

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