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Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
My point is that the "QOC doesn't matter" conclusion can only be valid if you're looking to split players into broad skill tiers, say: great, average, replacement level. Letang, Keith, Karlsson, etc are always going to show up in the "great" category no matter their QOC -- the uncorrected bias isn't going to be enough to move them down one category. But it's likely to be enough to move a guy from #3 to #10 or vice-versa. So if your goal is to compare the top d-men with each other, you can't say "QOC doesn't matter" and ignore it.

That said, IMO the zone start adjustment is likely to be more important than the QOC adjustment.
Zone start vs QoC depends on whether you are using shot-based or goal-based metrics. QoC is relatively more important for goal-based metrics like plus-minus (because top players have better SH%) and zone start info is relatively more important for shot-based metrics like Corsi (because shots off an o-zone faceoff tend to be low %).

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