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08-17-2012, 08:35 PM
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There's no perfect solution but i'll throw out what i feel is fair .

I'm not in favor of contracting teams because that sends out the wrong message . I am in favor of relocating a few teams . I'd put another team in the GTA , one in Q City and maybe one in Sask and the US north west if possible ( seattle/portland) .

A 50/50 split of revenue or close to it sounds resonable .

Revenue sharing is a little tricky because i don't want to reward inept owners but you need to take into account the differences in markets . Also building a strong compettive league where everyone has a chance to compete benefits all teams financially in the long run . The NFL has proven this .

The buyout system and arbitration seem to work well .

I'd allow one amnesty per team but the player gets his full salary if amnested .

5 year max on contracts and every one way deal counts against the cap regardless of where they play .

3 year rookie deals seem to work well and i'd make free agency at 28 or 8 years in the league .

I'd max out contracts at 8 mil or 15 % of the cap , whichever was higher .

This is off topic but i would get rid of the loser point and the shootout , imo it's bushleague . I'd go back to 2 pts for a win and one for a tie with 0 pts awarded for a loss and 10 min o/t .

You could try what soccer does and award 3 pts for a win and 1 pt for a tie , this would encourage and reward teams that actually try to win instead of playing to get into overtime and gaurentee themselves at least the loser point .

I'd also love to bump the age of the draft up a year with no b/day cutoff .

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