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08-17-2012, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by KyleBailey12 View Post
Giants fan here hoping for a blue repeat, but I'm curious how Jets fans on the board feel about the Tebow/Sanchez drama.
I think that the drama is very overhyped. Tebow's not as good as Sanchez. Sanchez's isn't a great starter by any means, but he's absolutely superior than Sanchez. Tebow however is a great third and short/fourth an inchesm type of situation. He's good enough to step in for a game or two from injuries or what have you not, but he's VERY overrated. (Coming from a diehard Gators fan).

edit: running QBs can be good at times, but never are able to go all the way, or THAT far in the playoffs. Because as soon as they hit a good defense that can stop the run-they're not able to throw. Look at Vick, even though he's improved his throwing the past few seasons-he's still a disappointment.

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