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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
Well why put a soft/perimeter player like Cammalleri against tough competition? Oh right, we had terrible management.

I hope DD gets put against tougher competition this year so we can see what he can do.

But this one argument (unlike the ridiculous offensive zone starts argument) that actually holds weight. But then again, why would a rookie (close enough) ever be put against the toughest NHL competition, right?

How many rookies or young players are put against weak competition and don't hit 60 points in their first year?

I also hate how DD it's always offensive zone starts and easy competition but that's almost never brought up for Cole or Patches. Seems ridiculous, right?

I dont get how he has so many doubters still. He did for his whole career and he just keeps making them look stupid. You'd think people would learn sooner or later.
See it that way.....Desharnais is where he is today because of his a way, helping him and you are not....

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