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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Sven Tumba and Sterner had longevity. Firsov and Suchy were mid sixties on.

Suchy on ice discipline. Check his PIMs. For the European Bobby Orr in a non physical environment they indicate a lack of on ice discipline.

Starshinov. The Soviet league was never as balanced top to bottom of as the Swedish league was
I'm going to wind down this conversation soon since it has very little to do with MLD players. But I have to respond briefly to these claims.

1)351 PIMs in 561 league games is all the evidence you have of lack of discipline for Suchy? Pretty weak.

2) The balance or lack thereof of the Soviet league isn't particularly important when we are talking about someone who led the league in goals multiple times. It would be relevant to margins of leading, not the fact of leading. Seriously, the Soviet National Team completely wiped the floor with the Swedish National Team (and everyone else) in the mid-late 60s, but your claim is that Sweden actually had better players because the Soviets tended to hoard their best players on the same team in their respective domestic leagues? Makes no sense.

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