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08-18-2012, 12:00 AM
RIP Elmer
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(Real) Name: Matt
Age: 27
Age you act: 26.75
Sex: M
Birthplace: Big Sky Country
Where you live: Powder River Basin
Distinguishing Physical Characteristic: Broad shoulders
Nationality: Cold, red blooded American
Mode of Transportation: A crappy Ford Ranger
Job: Health & Safety Professional / Industrial Hygienist.
College Attended/Attending: Got my BS and MS...thats all I need.

How you became a Penguins fan: 1991, watching Mario Lemieux, then playing Mario Lemieux Hockey on Sega.
Favorite Penguins Player: Crosby and Malkin
Favorite Penguins prospect: Despres and Morrow
Favorite NON Penguins Player: J Staal I guess now. Can still admit to liking Jagr.
Favorite piece of Penguins paraphernalia (souvenir): Lemieux, Jagr, Francis signed jerseys. Got a 1997-98 Penguins Team photo signed by everyone.
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: One white 2004 jersey.

Video Game Systems Owned: XBOX 360, PS3
Favorite Game(s): Metal Gear Solid 4
Music/Bands You Like: None really...I listen to whatever
Favorite Movie(s): Act of Valor, Miracle, Battle LA, TED
Favorite TV Show: Dexter
Favorite Food: Sushi, especially with Lobster
Most Interesting/Unusual Person/Entity You Follow on Twitter: Don't really follow anyone other than the major hockey guys. Rossi is on there so...I guess him.

Anything Else: Yes, SEAL as in Navy SEAL. That is all I will ever say.

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