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08-18-2012, 12:00 AM
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Hey guys my friends and i are planning a trip to montreal for four days, we're all twenty and want to a)drink(judging by the previous posts this is an expensive city to drink in but we're almost all turning 21 after this trip and montreal is very interesting to us all because we're huge hockey fans/cultured) b)maybe watch some hockey c)see some live music in some capacity. we're from wisconsin so this isn't really the longest hike but the plane tickets are relatively inexpensive in the first couple weeks of october.
if everything goes well(with regards to the cba), anyone think we'd be able to snag three tickets to either montreal-toronto or montreal-bruins? if not, is there some nice hockey to watch around this time in the city?
good bars for young people, festivals, sights, - we'd be in town around the 10th-20th

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