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Brynäs IF review

Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
Brynäs IF

Coach: Tommy Sandlin
Captain: Sven Tumba
Ass. Captains: Ulf Dahlen and Rolle Stoltz

Uffe Sterner - Sven Tumba - Mikael Renberg
Jörgen Pettersson - Niklas Bäckström - Ulf Dahlen
P.J. Axelsson - Thomas Gradin - Niklas Sundström
Johan Franzén - Nisse Nilsson - Ronald Pettersson
Sune Almqvist, Willy Lindström

Lasse Björn - Rolle Stoltz
Kim Johnsson - Niklas Kronwall
Marcus Ragnarsson - Alexander Edler
Axel Nilsson, Tobias Enström

Pelle Lindbergh
Leif "Honken" Holmqvist


Sterner - Tumba - Renberg
Björn - Stoltz


Pettersson - Bäckström - Dahlen
Edler - Kronwall


Gradin - Sundström
Johnsson - Ragnarsson


Sterner - Axelsson
Stoltz - Björn
You should have just called this team "Tre Kronor" and been done with it. I'm going to try to give this team a fair review, but you definitely know more about the styles that these guys played than I do.

First line
Opinions on Tumba depend on what you think of the quality of European hockey during the 50s and 60s, when the performance of their teams was no better than Canadian amateurs. My thoughts? The true standout Europeans are worth recognizing. Canada had much more depth, but the standout Canadians would move on to the NHL. There were indeed some standout Europeans who excelled in tournament after tournament, and Tumba is one of them. I ran his numbers on the HOH board and am very impressed that over more than a decade of World Championships and Olympics, he NEVER finished lower than 4th on his team in scoring, usually leading Tre Kronor or finished 2nd. And (as was news to me), his domestic stats as reported by SIHR are worthless - the domestic league comprised of two "divisions" that didn't play each other, with one division much stronger than the other. So when someone finished ahead of Tumba domestically, it was often just by beating up on the weak division.

My thoughts on Tumba? Given his fiesty, competitive nature, I could definitely see him as a 4th liner in the ATD. I think he's a good building block for a first line here, albeit a hard to build around one as a goal scoring center. The more I look at Tumba, the more I like him than either Bobrov or Zabrodsky - his consistency and longevity as a top player in tournaments is outstanding.

I'm less impressed by his linemates, though Ulf Sterner probably is good enough to deserve to be on a scoring line here. Tumba is known as a guy who brings a lot of goalscoring and some grit, but not as much playmaking as you'd like from a top center. So he needs one of his wings to carry the playmaking of the line. Sterner reads like a good playmaker; the only question is - how much of it was from center and how much was from wing? I know he's sometimes listed as C/LW, but how much of his production came from LW? I honestly don't know.

Renberg has great "glue guy" attributes, but I think his offense is subpar for a top line, even as a glue guy. He's definitely not the playmaker Tumba needs, so hopefully Sterner can do it.

Other Forwards
I love Backstrom and Dahlen on your second line. We coveted Backstrom highly for his two-way ability - great second line-center here. And Dahlen brings passable offense and defense to go along with elite boardwork. Jörgen Pettersson is a jack-of-all trades, master at known. He might be a bit over his head on a scoring line, though. I could see your second line really frustrating some of the softer scoring lines out there, with Dahlen and Pettersson controlling the puck along the boards and Backstrom playing well defensively.

Third line is solid. Axelsson is a pretty good defensive specialist. You could do better than Gradin and especially the lesser Sundstrom, I think, but those are the sacrifices you make when you restrict yourself to all Swedes. Neither is THAT bad for his role with Gradin leaning more towards offense and lesser Sundstrom leaning more towards defense.

Unless you know something about Nils Nilsson that I don't, I see him as an offense-only player who probably should have waited until the AAA. Not a typical 4th liner. Though the fact that you do have two defensively responsible lines in your 2nd and 3rd make it easier to swallow. His real life linemate Roland Pettersson does have some typical 4th line skills. Franzen is basically a grinder in the regular season at this level, but he can chip in some playoff goals.

Sune Almqvist is an example of hurting your team by sticking too rigidly to a theme. In all the World Championships in the 1920s and 1930s, Sweden medaled once, winning a single silver. Great Britain and US amateurs were significantly better than Sweden over this period. You'd better hope that you don't need to dress him due to injury, because he'll be completely over his head. Lindstrom is a lot better, but still subpar as far as I can tell. Unimpressive totals in the WHA and NHL, though he does seem to raise his game in the postseason.

Lack of depth could really kill you if there are injuries.


If you're going to draft 1950s Swedes, why not draft their longtime top pairing of Lasse Björn - Rolle Stoltz? I'd really feel more comfortable with them if they weren't your top pairing, however. They didn't stand out THAT much against the European competition of the 1950s. Bjorn was Best Defenseman at the 1954 WCs and that's it - a pretty thin resume to be honest. Stoltz was Best Defenseman at the 1963 WCs and was selected the best player in Sweden in 1959 (an honor that Tumba never received for some reason - Hobnobs said on HOH that it was because the newspaper that gave the award thought he was too arrogant).

Kim Johnsson is not as historically significant as Bjorn or Stoltz, but he might be your best defenseman. He received All Star votes on two separate occasions - not an easy task for a defensive defenseman in the modern era. He was Jacques Lemaire's go-to guy back when Minnesota was a defensive powerhouse. Kronwall probably deserves to be a MLD defenseman by now.

You literally picked Ragnarsson right after I decided to PM Dreakmur that he might be worth looking into instead of Scott Hannon. Not a guy you want to give a lot of minutes to at this level, but a very good defensive specialist for a bottom pair. I guess Edler is worthy by now of bottom pairing duty.

Tobias Enstrom is a great spare - does anyone think he should dress over Edler?

Axel Nilsson is another pre-World War 2 Swede who I think is a scrub at this level. Swedish hockey was just not that developed back then.

I see a unit lacking a true #1 but well put together (other than the last spare).


Lindbergh had one amazing season, but it really was just one amazing season. Even before his tragic death, he didn't really stand out in his other NHL seasons. I was sold a little bit on him last year though - he was very good in Sweden (including in the World Championships), so he definitely was more than a one-season wonder. I'm just not sure how much more. His overall resume is probably a bit below average for a starter here, right?

Holmqvist is a very good backup. I'd honestly love to see a comparison between him and Lindbergh, but I'm not going to put forth what would be a pretty big undertaking.

Coaching and leadership

As the inventor of the 1-3-1 and the guy who led Sweden to an upset win over the powerful Soviets at the 1987 World Championships, Gandlin is definitely a worthy coach here. And he's obviously a perfect fit for your team. Tumba is a solid captain, the assistants are okay.


Again the Tumba - Sterner combo. Tumba is good, Sterner is okay. Renberg has a role, but as a scorer, he's a weak link. Dahlen actually scored a lot of his goals in front of the net on the PP, so it might be worth a look at moving him up to the first unit. Stoltz and Bjorn seem like more overall defensemen, so on the powerplay, they are probably not so strong (correct me if I'm wrong).

Backstrom and Dahlen are great on the second PP; Pettersson's offense is quite poor for an ATD PP player. At least in the playoffs, I would seriously consider replacing Pettersson with Franzen. Kromwall and Edler are okay; nothing special.

Overall, seems a pretty weak powerplay. You don't really have a top-notch PP QB and Renberg and especially Pettersson are weak links up front.

Penalty Kill

Love the defensemen on the first unti. Bjorn-Stolz are okay for the second I guess. Axelsson is a great defensive specialist; do you think Sundstrom is really a better choice for the first unit? He's okay though. The centers are the only issue. Gradin has solid defensive credentials, but is nothing like an all-time great penalty killer. I have no idea if Sterner has defensive or PK credentials at all. I honestly think Backstrom might be your best choice as a PKing center.


Definitely the most competitive "theme team" I've ever seen in the MLD. But considering theme teams generally do very poorly, what is that saying? I think you definitely have some great pieces here - Sterner-Tumba, Backstrom-Dahlen, Johnsson and Ragnarsson on D. Not to mention a coach that nobody ever drafted before (as far as I know), but one who definitely should have been. I honestly think Sandlin is probably one of the better coaches in the draft.

After you had drafted the first 1/3 to 1/2 of your team, I was really excited to see what you could do with the rest. Ultimately though, restricting yourself to a certain class of players limits your options and does leave you with some significant weaknesses. Your PP is weak. (Were you relying on drafting Anders Eldebrink for your PP only to see him scooped away?) Your bottom 6 is okay, but probably below average. I don't really see a natural #1 defenseman.

And two of your spares are complete scrubs... I realize they were just drafted for era requirements, but...

Whether this team does damage depends entirely on how other GMs view European players from the 1950s and early 60s when the game hadn't fully developed yet, as your first unit depends almost entirely upon them.

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