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08-18-2012, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Foy View Post
That starting 11 was more indicative of Mexico's starting 11 than it was ours. Not that any of it means much, but if that was Mexico's B+ team, that was our C- team.
Jesus Fing Christ should we go man for man down each of the lineups and decide who should and shouldn't be in the team and how they should play? Neither team was anywhere close what they would be in a competitive match either personnel wise or tactically.

You might as well tell me that DC United just beat Milan. I couldn't care less because it was a preseason friendly and 90% of the guys who got jerseys on either team weren't playing for the team but their spot on the team in the future.

If some NFL teams beats a team they hadn't beaten in forever in preseason nobody could care less. But this is some 'monumental' result? Call me when they win in the Azteca in a match that means anything, and that includes the stupid ass Gold Cup...

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