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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Aside from toughness and knowing the coach, Boullion doesn't bring much else over Hannan.

Hannan is younger, slightly better and is a better fit in the overall scheme things. Teams should bring in players because they fit the team needs, not because they are friends with the coach. Boullion aside from knowing Therrien is not as good as Hannan and not as good as a fit. Darche was familiar with the coach and so was Mara the second time we brought him back and no one seemed to care about familiarity. In fact we had a term for it, we called the "old boys club." They didn't fit with the team and weren't needed, just like Boullion is now.

He can know the coach all he wants, it doesn't change the fact that Boullion is completely redundant on this team.
as long as you view those two things as mutually exclusive, then of course you'll underestimate the value Bouillion has to the team (at least according to the people running it).

take the blinders off for a second, and it would be obvious to you that Bouillion was signed precisely because management felt that he "fit the teams needs".

I also think you have an exaggerated sense of what Hannan brings to the table at this point in his career.

There is a reason why Calgary, who aren't exactly stocked on defense, opted not to re-sign Hannan despite the 1 year/1 million$ price tag.

while I didn't see enough of Bouillion last season to comment strongly on his current level of play, I did see enough of Hannan to know that he's a shadow of the player he was in SJ, and certainly isn't an imposing physical player at this point. He's a slow footed veteran dman who is smart enough to play within himself and not hurt a team in a bottom pairing role, but also doesn't provide enough to be anything more than a 6-7 depth guy. He's not a crease-clearing physical presence, which is what the Habs are lacking on the back end, so I disagree that he fit the habs on-ice needs that much better than Bouillion does/will.

habs clearly feel Bouillion brings something to the table, enough to pay him a premium for a bottom-pairing depth role.

just b/c you think Bouillion is redundant, doesn't change a thing about what management felt his usefulness is/will be.

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