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Sven Tumba.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
You should have just called this team "Tre Kronor" and been done with it. I'm going to try to give this team a fair review, but you definitely know more about the styles that these guys played than I do.

First line
Opinions on Tumba depend on what you think of the quality of European hockey during the 50s and 60s, when the performance of their teams was no better than Canadian amateurs. My thoughts? The true standout Europeans are worth recognizing. Canada had much more depth, but the standout Canadians would move on to the NHL. There were indeed some standout Europeans who excelled in tournament after tournament, and Tumba is one of them. I ran his numbers on the HOH board and am very impressed that over more than a decade of World Championships and Olympics, he NEVER finished lower than 4th on his team in scoring, usually leading Tre Kronor or finished 2nd. And (as was news to me), his domestic stats as reported by SIHR are worthless - the domestic league comprised of two "divisions" that didn't play each other, with one division much stronger than the other. So when someone finished ahead of Tumba domestically, it was often just by beating up on the weak division.

My thoughts on Tumba? Given his fiesty, competitive nature, I could definitely see him as a 4th liner in the ATD. I think he's a good building block for a first line here, albeit a hard to build around one as a goal scoring center. The more I look at Tumba, the more I like him than either Bobrov or Zabrodsky - his consistency and longevity as a top player in tournaments is outstanding.

I'm less impressed by his linemates, though Ulf Sterner probably is good enough to deserve to be on a scoring line here. Tumba is known as a guy who brings a lot of goalscoring and some grit, but not as much playmaking as you'd like from a top center. So he needs one of his wings to carry the playmaking of the line. Sterner reads like a good playmaker; the only question is - how much of it was from center and how much was from wing? I know he's sometimes listed as C/LW, but how much of his production came from LW? I honestly don't know.

Renberg has great "glue guy" attributes, but I think his offense is subpar for a top line, even as a glue guy. He's definitely not the playmaker Tumba needs, so hopefully Sterner can do it.

Sven Tumba. To give you a better picture of Sven Tumba, think Jean Beliveau. Beliveau is viewed as a playmaking center yet when needed he assumed goal scoring roles on the team.[]=297

check how Beliveau's G:A ratio varied as his role and linemates changed over the years.

Sven Tumba clearly illustrated in his brief tryout with the 1957-58 Quebec Aces that he could fill the playmaking role.

Ulf Sterner is definitely good enough to be a first line LW here and elsewhere.

Michael Renberg - do not recall Lindros and Leclair complaining about Renberg being the RW on their line:

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