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Terry Pegula 20 years in the future "If I needed more money I'd go harvest the nuclear energy of a star, just ask Lindy and Darcy they've known me long enough now." Of course with Lindy and Darcy still here in 20 years we'd still have to be cupless AMIRITE GUYS!?

Kaku is probably the best at explaining complex Physics since Richard Feynman and Carl Sagan passed. Feynman did a series of lectures for the BBC that were so humorous and enlightening that after seeing them I decided I was going to teach physics some day. If you haven't seen them they are worth a watch. You can find them on the Ted talks website (sorry on my phone and don't have the link).

Understanding 75-80% of a book on theoretical physics is pretty good absorption. I've taken 3 years of physics classes and I'm pretty happy when I understand that much of a book on the first read.

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