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08-18-2012, 02:43 AM
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I haven't really thought about this in depth much in a very long time, but when i start thinking about it...i think there's actually 3 different techniques i use, depending on the situation.

Sometimes it's maybe a bit like a hockey stop transitioning to backwards crossovers. Other times it's more like a tight turn with a transition to backwards crossovers in the middle of the arc. And occasionally, it's more of a one-legged thing turning in, planting the outside leg, and transitioning to backwards crossovers. They're all a bit different though.

The biggest things i can think of as advice, are that it's important to be comfortable shifting your weight around, and that you'll probably want to be pretty comfortable just skating backwards before you delve too far into the transitions.

Best drills i can think of to practice it, are the figure8 that i'm sure you've done at some point - but always face one direction. Don't let yourself get past the hashmarks facing the wrong direction. Once you get more comfortable with the transitions, step it up - just drop your gloves on the ice and do tiny little figure-8s around them, always facing the same direction, try different transitions, combine it with edge drills. So much of it is just being comfortable on your skates and edges in a moment of (potential) panic.

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