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Originally Posted by boots electric View Post
Kaku's old stuff is pretty good, but from what I understand, lots of physicists get pretty aggravated by him nowadays. He used to be a lot more grounded and involved in the field, but with all the media and events he does now, a lot of people feel he's almost divorced himself from the physics community completely--in other words, he's gone from being a theoretical physicist and a futurist to a futurist with a theoretical physics background.

He's still a great ambassador for the field to the average layperson (though I'm a bigger fan of NDT myself). It's always fun to listen to him talk, and like I said, some of his older stuff is still quite good.
when start getting paid to do something it stops being a hobby an becomes a job. He's definitely more entertainer than physicist these days, but anyone that can still stimulate wonder in the average reality TV soaked American brain is a valuable member of the scientific community. If content is what you are looking for pick up hyperspace and then read his citations. The books he used to compile that are post-graduate texts and papers. Most of it makes my head spin. Also anyone interested in theoretical physics should rad Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. May have been written in the 1880s but it's about as insightful into present day multi-dimensional physics as anything out there.

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