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Originally Posted by Bert Marshall days View Post
They're right. LI proper (nassau/suffolk) can't support a team new building or not and as this article points out it's not worth it even with a new building.

New Islanders Arena Won’t Mean New Money For Nassau*County
The article completely ignored the County's portion of sales tax revenues which makes it practically worthless as a real estimation. (Unless I missed it somewhere.) There's also more than a few other variables that have been ignored.

A better question to pose would have been to figure out if the building paid for itself and how many years (assuming it did) did it take? Was the NVMC a good investment? I'd love to know the answer to that.

Along with the missing sales tax revenues being included, let's also remember that there's a certain amount of prestige involved with having a pro sports team that needs to be accounted for. Those four Stanley Cups obviously had some kind of positive effect on the area and should not be ignored.

I think it's safe to say that it's very unlikely we'll see that kind of success again, but who is to say that a high caliber team and new building couldn't help revitalize the area to some degree? (Most importantly, what kind of outside dollars would a new building and successful team bring?)

Having said all of that, I'm not really disagreeing with the concept that buildings like these can often end up being losing propositions for the municipality. However, it's not easy to really measure the full positive effect of having the team and it's easy to ignore hard to measure variables. Unfortunately, it's also hard to measure the true loss to the County in the case of losing the team. In the case of the loss, we also have to end up measuring what (if anything) the County gains by the loss from whatever alternative development goes up there. nauseam.


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