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08-18-2012, 08:11 AM
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Come on people!!!! A center is a policeman on the ice. At any given time he must be able to go to the corners, in front of his own net or the opposition's and help out his teammates. In the NHL you need size to be effective at that. This is not NHL12. You don't have one center who's a sniper, another dangler, and another play maker that somehow magically all works out. Centers are the most important position. You need to be a gritty 2 way player who can win 1 on 1 battles. ON ALL THE LINES!
If Galchenyuk and Eller become what they are suppose to be, then you go Gally, Plecs, Eller as your 3 centers. Desharnais doesn't fit the equation.
For all of you saying it's cause he's french that he gets so much hate, give your head a shake. He's small, slow and has no shot.
If it where up to me for his next contract, I would definitely let him play out this season, on a 2nd line, with 2nd class linemates, and #2 pp duties. If he manages to keep up his production (which I highly doubt) I would then offer him an extension. But to give the guy 20 million$ over what he's accomplished so far would be insane.

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