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Right now, Desharnais is the type of player who, when given disproportionate PP time, easy forward competition, two 1st line wingers, and tons of offensive zone starts manages to... become the 20th most productive center in the league for points.

That's right, he is 20th among centers in the NHL in spite of all his advantages. If 1st line center was a regular season rank, the Habs wouldn't even make the playoffs. Meanwhile, if you look at the guys above him, they can also contribute on the PK, and they tend to have a much higher goals to assist ratio.Desharnais isn't even top-30 among centers for goals scored. He is in 54th place. Even worse, on average, the 19 centers ahead of Desharnais in points and 53 centers ahead of Desharnais in goals achieved what they did with inferior winger quality to Desharnais.

Fundamentally, we don't need a center who only manages to be 20th in the league for points in spite of a multitude of advantages. If you're going to give a center all those advantages that create imbalances and difficulties that cascade everywhere else in the roster, you need him to be a top-5.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Gionta out-goaled cole for the majority the last years, look it up. Entering this season it was expected Gionta would hit 30 goals before Cole or max would.
The only way Gionta hits 30 goals is if he gets sufficient power play time and offensive zone starts to do so. If that happens, Cole and Pacioretty will in turn NOT hit 30 goals assuming they are on different lines.

Power play time and offensive zone starts are a zero-sum game. If one line gets more, the other lines get less.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
And If I gave Eller DD job he wouldn't make 60 points.
Absolutely no evidence for that claim.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Not to say it's as extreme as the example I gave but Eller isn't a top 6 center, not yet and maybe not ever.
But at the very least Eller is an effective 3rd line center.

Desharnais is not an effective 1st line center. He is 20th in the league in that role in spite of having a multitude of advantages.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
What do you suggest, tanking? Well, you did make a thread about it so yes, it is. I also want a top pick but again, whats this have to do with DD? If you REALLY want to tank trade plekanec, this team will crumble.
Plekanec should be traded if we receive a great offer, same as every other player on the team.

However, I'll note that my goal is to see a stanley cup contender. You can have a contender with Plekanec as your 2nd line center. You cannot have a contender with Desharnais as your 1st line center.

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