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Not so fast,
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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
I'm sure you'll be getting your money's worth, though.
I agree.

In a learn to play class, I really don't know that I would even want an amazing ex-NHL player teaching me. I would probably feel embarrassed and nervous about being so bad that I would focus more on whether or not he was thinking I was a total idiot than actually getting much out of the class.

And if you're just learning to play, I can't imagine that you would even get the real benefit of learning from an NHLer. At an advanced level, sure - but for someone just starting out, what will they be able to teach you that just about any other decent hockey coach couldn't do?

I teach French and I can imagine that if a prizewinning member of the Academie Francaise came to teach my level 1 students, nobody would be happy. The author wouldn't know where to start with such beginners, and they wouldn't appreciate the literary prowess of their teacher anyway.

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