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08-18-2012, 09:11 AM
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How do int/adv players REALLY feel about n00bs on the ice?

I've been playing about 6 months now and while I'm not good by any stretch of the imagination, I am definitely making progress. I can catch passes, make passes, and I skate a lot faster than I did when starting. I also know where to be in different situations and can be counted on to be in pretty much the right place as a winger. Sure, I have flubs and turnovers etc. but so does everyone else, even NHL players.

I've been playing in my comfortable D-league and I've got another regular game that I play on where the others know my abilities and limitations and seem to be happy to have me there. There's a gap in the schedule with the different leagues, and so I'm looking to get in an additional game during the weeks when one or the other league doesn't play.

I've played a couple of times with a 'structured drop-in' type group where there is a sign-up ahead of time, planned lines, etc. I'm by far the worst player, but the others are nice and don't go after me too hard, they give me advice, and for the most part don't make me feel like I'm a total idiot. I had a couple of times where I did what they suggested and it led to a goal, so a couple of assists for me and some 'good job' from the rest of the team.

I'm considering doing a drop-in game this afternoon, it's an over-30 game. It's not a regularly scheduled thing, this week and next and then it's done. The time and location are pretty much perfect, so a good way to throw in a replacement game for the league that isn't happening tomorrow. Someone mentioned that the over-30 crowd tends to be a bit advanced at this particular rink (although they may choose to show up for either the intermediate or advanced drop-ins they have scheduled instead.) Then he said you get better by playing against better players, so why not?

How do the more advanced players tend to feel about new players? I can see that on an actual team, it would be annoying to always have to cover for someone who can't pull their own weight. But in a drop-in situation, do people tend to be pretty relaxed about it? So far I've only had good experiences everywhere I've played, but I'm sure there are some mean people out there who don't like the new players getting in their way.

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