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08-18-2012, 09:51 AM
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Thanks for the encouragement! So far, I haven't run into anyone who has been a jerk about it. But then, I've only played with other newish people (and if you're a B-league or C-league player playing in D-league, it wouldn't be cool at all to rag on those with less experience and skill, join the right league if you want to be challenged) or in games that don't really matter. In one of the structured drop-in games, we don't even keep score - so it would be kind of weird to get mad at someone for 'losing' a game where the team members change each week depending upon who signs up and where no scores or stats are kept!

I do pay attention to the advice from others, and I've made huge strides doing that. A couple of weeks ago one of my buddies told me to really try to not go offside. It's not a huge issue with me (maybe once every 3-4 games I'll end up on the wrong side of the line) but I've been paying close attention and haven't had any slip-ups. Last week I was told to push the puck up the ice if there was someone ahead of me since I can't skate as fast as my other linemates - doing that led to the two goals I got assists for in the game. And keeping two hands on the stick - that's the one I have most trouble with. If the puck is just barely out of reach, sometimes I can get it by taking one hand off the stick and extending my arm, but then of course it's easy for someone to take it away from me. I figure it's better to block the pass from player A to player B, even if I lose the puck than to let player B catch it easily, but sometimes I forget and take a hand off the stick when I really shouldn't.

I'm to the point now when I can start to see actual strengths and weaknesses and work on them, rather than just being totally lost and trying to keep my head above water. Last night at the instructional league I attend, there were some people there with more experience, some with less. Only one person was newer than me. But I found that I was actually better at some of the drills than some of the more experienced players, which was a nice thing! I'm so used to always being the worst in everything! But some of the things we worked on last night were just like drills I had done before in speedskating, so I actually had a leg up on some of the others!

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