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08-18-2012, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Beezeral View Post
No disrespect to anyone ITT but unless you are playing tier III travel hockey or above, you shouldn't be considering buying a top end stick.

For the average player, that high performance twig will hurt your game more than it helps it. They are also built for performance, not durability. They are not made to take the pounding of being stepped on, bent the wrong way, and slammed directly into the ice during an off balance slap shot.

I can't count the amount of times ive seen a C league player unwrap a brand new $250 stick for stick and puck and then watch it snap in half 30 minutes later because his technique on his slapper amounted to nothing more than smashing his stick into the ice behind the puck and his wrist shot was seeing how far he could bend the stick before letting loose a nice easy floater

For all my fellow weekend warriors on HFboards. Go get your self a SHAFT in the $50-$75 dollar range that has reviews for being extremely durable, and get a good solid blade put on it. You may lose a couple MPH on that slapper and your wrist shot might lose some whip on it, but at least you aren't spending $1000 a year on sticks to play hockey once a week.
What? How does it hurt your game? Your wallet maybe but a better stick won't make you a worse hockey player. You gave examples of people who obviously wouldn't and shouldn't buy a top end stick. But tier III and above is a little insane.

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