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08-18-2012, 01:08 PM
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Your system does not support international play. Your senior professional teams (NHL) does not have junior teams and could not care less about youth development (taken care off by other teams) and international hockey. The europeans has not changed "your" game, they have just built a domestic hockey system that supports international hockey for both senior and junior teams. The problem is not Europe, it's Canada. Kick the NHL down south of the border and come up with a hockey system that suits you if you feel heartbroken. Or try to convince the Americans that there are life outside the borders of the USA (good luck).

For example, how about Edmonton Oilers Jrs in the CHL? Have no idea if that's even possible since it is two private leagues with no connections to each other. But then you have a chance to send that team reinforced with RNH and Yakupov instead of Sudbury Wolves to the World cup for junior teams.

I don't know if things are being lost in translation...I don't understand alot of what your saying or how it pertains to this conversation, but I can tell you is that in Canada we have the best youth development program. It's called the canadian hockey league, and not only canadians but americans and swedes, fins and russians come to it because they no it's the best.

Kick the NHL down south of the border? Surely there must be a figurative meaning to that sentence that I'm not seeing because you must know that 23 teams reside in the USA. I haven't the slightest clue what that meaning is though.

I can't wrap my head around the last sentence. I understand your trying to explain some sort of way to allow the best players to play, but the fact is yakupov and RNH will both be playing in the NHL next year and most NHL owners are not willing to give up some of their best young players for 2 weeks or more in the middle of a season, and understandably so.

The IIHF knows exactly what they are doing when they schedule a junior tournament for december, or a mens tournament in the middle of the NHL playoffs. They are evening the playing field. They are giving european teams a better chance to win, and win they are. I'm not saying the rest of the world can put together competitive teams. I'm not saying you guys can't beat the best. The evidence is there. But to look at the medal standings for any IIHF tournament and think that they wouldn't be a line of red and white flags, with a few random colors here and there if our best players weren't being held back is pure asinine. The IIHF's only interests have ever been to grow the game in europe but I don't care about that. We don't need the IIHF to grow hockey..we're ****ing canada..What I can't stand is that a body of governing that is supposed to be looking out for the best interests of EVERY country has done everything it can to handcuff the best, so that other country's can win more often and thus create greater interest and better development. They've developed the game in europe better...there's no doubt about that...but they've cheated to do so...and they will keep cheating to keep that interest. Honestly...who wants to see canada win year in and year out accept canadians. How could you possibly hope to create and sustain a significant fanbase if you were watching decades of red maple leaf flags being strut around the ice at tournaments end. You could not. So they cheat. And its ********.

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