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08-18-2012, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
He makes a post with multiple paragraphs explaining why Westgarth and players of his ilk are worthless and this is your reply?

The Kings played their best hockey down the stretch and into the playoffs by having a balanced lineup and rolling 4 lines, something not possible with Westgarth. You'll have to look to another team to get your cheap high out of watching guys destroy each others brains in staged fights that contribute nothing to the game. The Kings will roll with 12 hockey players, it seemed to work last spring.
I will take a go at the Westgarth part.

To start with when Westgarth is given time he can actually play hockey. It seems to me that there were some very unrealistic expectations regarding Westgarths ability to develop into a solid bottom 6er when only receiving 3 mins a game are where the majority of his critics find their fuel.

Once Westgarth was given more time he started playing allot better and imo would be an adequate to reasonably solid 4rth liner who could play pretty good two way hockey while throwing his weight around.

At worst we haven't any way of really knowing until we see him get enough ice time to make an honest assessment of his abilities at the NHL level. Of course our new coaching staff is more than capable of identifying rather or not he belongs with us.

That said I would rather he be waived in place of Hickey or Muzzin et al.

My only point was that he isn't as talentless and one dimensional as allot of people seem to think.

We simply have better options. See G Parros.

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