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Originally Posted by SOLR View Post
Thanks for putting us all in the same boat. You didn't win points with me today.

The rankings are imperfect, they track results of partial teams in a small number of games.

- Many Canadians are frustrated by some HF posters from Europe in the way they use this imperfect tool to feel proud about themselves.
- Many HF posters from Europe are frustrated by Canadians arguments around us not having our best players for every tournament.


It's ok, you guys will have the same discussions in 10 years.(I was there 10 years ago...same thing) Can we move on and not take this so seriously? It's just a game.
Well, you get to hear it a thousand times every time Canada loses. So of course it gets tiresome that a lot of Canadians always have to make up excuses when they aren't winning/getting ranked first.

The point here is that these rankings are for U20's and U18's in the last two years and it's a fact that Canada hasn't been good enough to be ranked anywhere else than 4th, despite all the "or" and "if"s. This is how it is when it comes to these rankings, if they would rank something else, like which countries that produces the best players and ranked Canada 4th I could imagine that people would be upset. As it is now it is just people not reading the OP/Article and just seeing "Canada - 4th" and then raging on how everyone is against them and how much better Canada is than everyone else, which I (and others) find quite annoying.

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