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12-04-2003, 03:55 AM
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Originally Posted by patp77
Alright, repeat after me... "I will not stress out over every decision made by the Habs organization."

Now that we've got this out of the way, why not try to see why this would be done instead of why it shouldn't be?

Why this would be done:

-Ribeiro has already shown what he can and can't do. Gainey / Julien now want to see someone else in his spot to see what they can do.
-We're still in a rebuilding plan which means that our best roster will more than likely not make it to the Stanley Cup so we will be experimenting all year long with the lineup to see how chemistry is and evaluating players. Whether they are rookies or veterans.
-We are potentially making a trade and want to showcase some players that other teams are interested in.

Or as some of you put it:

-Julien and Gainey are nuts!
-They want the Habs to lose every game!
-They want to screw up Ribeiro's confidence!
-They just want to put the crappiest players on the ice!

So, let's just relax and enjoy this season for what it's worth.. which probably won't be much but I'll still be cheering them on..
Well, it looks like I had missed the real reason behind the benching but just as a reminder, let's all learn to relax a little when a coach/team makes a decision. Hopefully Ribeiro understands and agrees with the decision to the extent that he will learn from this experience and improve himself as well as the team in the process.

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