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They were asked where the Attitude era begins and ends since they are blurring it a little. The single player mode will run over "two years." You jump around and play different talents and do different storylines from that era. Players unlock bonus matches as they go forward and the game will have 100 unlockable features based on how you achieve in the game.
THQ worked with WWE and the production team on the road to get raw sound audio, chants and effects for the authentic WWE experience. They noted that this will be "night and day" from WWE '12. Last year, they had 150 people in a warehouse chanting and this year, they have real Arena sounds. A lot of the crowd audio and chanting are from the Raw the day after Wrestlemania last year. WWE is able to give them the raw sound audio from specific moments and matches.

An excerpt from the rundown of the game. Read the full thing here:

It's long. The last quote gets me particularly excited when it comes to the crowd

I wish they could've gotten Kurt Angle and Too Cool in the game, as well as Albert (he's not even in as Tensai). Ryback and Layla will probably be in as DLCs, probably Tensai too.

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