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04-28-2006, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
I wasn't implying that you were arrogant. I was pointing out that though I felt Ribs made key errors tonight, I'm not so committed to my opinion that I'm 100% sure.I think that if I tortured myself with game tape my opinion would be better supported.Only fools won't admit if they're wrong, though I don't think I am here. My point was that criticizing for a valid reason, not some childish, I hate ribs deal, is worth discussion and didn't merit the end of the discussion. I do think the omg, he was awful, he won't be re-signed stuff is over the top, but I stand by my opinion that he had a bad game. The reason, I've appreciated his play lately was he wasn't making dangerous low percentage plays. I thought he did tonight.

I disagree with you on his play, but I hope you understand my use of the word.
My whole beef with this kind of thread is the fact he came out with his one-liner about Ribs being the worst player on both teams and is soft and slow. He had no insight as to why he "thought" that (or was he "telling us" that Ribs is bad meaning he is 100% right). All I'm saying is to back it up. As for Ribs, I guess you simply have to look at him in comparison to what Ribs has done normally and what he did tonight. Hands down, Ribs did many good things and was an improvement over the Ribs we all know. I actually saw him come back and dig the puck from behind the net in his own zone to help out his defensemen. Backchecking is something he never does, but he is playing Gainey's system. Yes, there are some things you'll always shake your head at with some of Ribeiro plays, but he did good things tonight. He was hitting and digging in the offensive corners and winning those battles. The only bad marks I'll give him was for some poor passing plays or holding onto the puck too long.

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