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Originally Posted by Avim86 View Post
and has probably the worst Winners in Quebec (by reputation).
nice try person who wants to keep the best kept winners and homesense secret location still secret....

yes the mall is like walking into a third world country. it is depressing, and needs to be blown up (sorry terrorists) and rebuilt into something more functional.

in the interim some highlights of it:

1) a wig store!
2) a very well stocked baby proofing store!
3) countless empty store fronts!
4) what used to be the best kept children's drop in clinic in the city... sh.... i did not just mention that.. forget you read that... what am i talking about... this is hfboards.. none of you kids knows what a vajayjay looks like anyways!
5) Israeli's everywhere!
6) And where there are Israeli's there is of course... frozen yogourt!
7) Indoor Parking!
8) fish!
9) repertory cinema!
10) bizarre clothing stores with no signs, unless you consider permanent markered paper bags to be something of a quaint indie thing...
11) And yes, the world's worst Sears... like if you ever want to experience what shopping in a war torn country that has been stocked with leftover american goods.. this Sears is the experience you have been looking for. I would even hazard a guess that there are undetonated land minds in there.

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