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1. I did not attack the Canadian development system, it is pretty obvious that it works excellent. What I did write about was that your the hockey system in general does allow for international competition. Domestic competition above everything else. International competition when we have the time or when we feel like it.

2. You whine about the best Canadian players not being able to compete internationally. Duh! They play in the NHL, a league that stretches from late September/early October to June. What's their view on international competition? If you care so must about how you are ranked on international rankings and feel heartbroken when those rankings does not show the greatness of Canada, then do something about it. Come up with a system that allow for international competition. I highly doubt NHL will change much..

3. I used that as an example of how you could mount a junior team with top junior players for an international competition as the World cup for junior teams (which is played now by the way). No NHL teams has junior teams within the organisation so guys like RNH and Yakupov can't play. European hockey clubs all have junior teams within their organisation and can move talanted juniors playing with the senior team down to reinforce the juniors if they want to. This was just an example, nothing more.

4. A lot of that is just bull. I remember the big red machine from Soviet union. Pretty much unbeatable in Europe at that time. Was that boring? No. The opposite. They were an inspiration for the teams at that time. Everyone worked their ***** off to beat them and everyone wanted to see them play. Stacked Canadian teams would be good for international competition. Swedes, russians, czechs, fins etc would step it even more to be able to beat them. And the fans would love to see the games even more.
1. OK

2. What the hell am I, a lobster fisherman from Nova Scotia supposed to do about the NHL's schedule. Obviously the NHL has the power to change whatever aspects of it's game that it wants to, but why would it do that? It's priority is to grow the game in the states and create profit. If they started the season on the first of september, they would be overlapping another month and a half with football. Going head to head with america's favourite sport... that's not how you grow the game in the US.

My option is simple and doesn't force massive already established seasons from premier sports leagues to be adjusted. The IIHF simply schedules it's little two week tournament in june. duhhhh.

3. I understand your example but it doesn't solve the problem. Every NHL team does have it's own minor league team. That doesn't mean yakupov and RNH are going to be sent automatically come world junior time. And that idea would just be pointless. They don't need to be sent down to be allowed to play in the WJC, they just need to be given the ok by nhl owners. Hopefully more owners will start to allow their players to leave like connely and Devante smithpelley last year, but i don't see that being very likely for guys like RNH, or yakupov or really anyone of that caliber and I can't say i blame them. I'm a habs fan, and I don't want to see effective players being taken out of our lineup in the middle of the season if we're trying to catch a playoff position. I also don't want to see them miss the opportunity to play for their team. I want everyone to be able to play their best, cause unless we beat the other country's best it would be a hollow victory. That is why again, the solution is simple. Schedule the tournament somewhere after the NHL playoffs.

And 4. The big red machine, the soviets that were sooo great back then are just another example of exactly the kind of ******** i'm talking about. Were the soviets a good team, absolutely, they were great. We were better. But we only got limited chances to prove that because the olympics only allowed amateur players. The first time that great soviet's and canada's best clashed was in 1972. It was called the summit series, and we won. And after that we met them in 5 canada cups for which we won 4 of, as well as 2 world cup of hockey tourney's where we won one, and then 2 of the 4 olympics since 1998. How many of those only best on best tournaments to ever take place in international hockey have the russians won? just 1.

I understand the meaning of the OP and that it is not a rank of the best outputting of players by a country. That's why i'm pissed off at it. Because it should be. I don't want false information put out there. I don't want any other country to even think for a second that they are the best, and yes, i may be a little bit arrogant when it comes to this topic, but I want the world to know, and never forget that we are the best, and we always will be.

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