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Originally Posted by sw1tch View Post
ha i remember when someone was mad that we didnt play Westgarth earlier this year vs Chicago and big bad John Scott. Kings ended up winning the game with Scott playing 3 minutes and throwing 0 hits.

Them big bad heavyweights

Hockey players should be valued on their ability to alter a hockey game. Westgarth's only ability is to give other heavyweights something to do for 15 seconds before spending the rest of the night on the bench
And it never occurred to you that that's how things work in the NHL? Parros, Ivanans, Westgarth, etc. never would have stayed up in the NHL based on playing ability alone. It's a very specialized and underappreciated role. Enforcers tend to be 6'3+, 220+,virtually always white or black exclusively (sometimes native), and undersized enforcers have to fight the biggest anyway or they cannot make it. The enforcers is typically among if not the lowest-paid llayer on his team and is often torn apart on internet forum boards, often by people who've never played hockey (not saying that's you just pointing it out)while beloved in dressing rooms and even arenas. GM's, teammates, and coaches tend to love them and they are typically friendly and articulate off the ice.

Also as for hits, check out the one on Torres in October before Bissonnette jumped in.

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