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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I'm guessing it will depend on how the 50 contract limit shapes up, but from what i've heard in the past, Timmins likes him a good bit. But perhaps it could come down to the wire for him if he struggles as the team may end up in a situation where they have to chose between signing Archambault vs signing Walsh depending of course on how things go for them. If I were to guess right now, I would think that Archambault would get signed unless things go badly for him. But we'll have to see what roster moves are made over the course of the season,

As of today, if the Habs were to keep every player that's signed for 2013-2014, plus re-sign all the RFA's but none of the UFA's (or say we keep one or two UFA's say St-Denis, Armstrong, etc.. but lose equal number in RFA's like Mayer, Blunden etc..) plus Subban and add Galchenyuk that would put us at 41 contracts.

Then you have, Deitz, Thrower, Kristo, Pribyl, Nygren, Archambault and Walsh. All except Thrower must be signed next summer or we lose their rights and Thrower isn't likely going back to the dub as an overager so he'll be signed.

Then you have any FA NCAA or CHLers you might want to sign. Plus if any of our NCAA prospects opt to turn pro. Bennett, MacMillan, Didier, Cichy, Sullivan, which could be none or one as Bennett perhaps could opt to turn pro but the rest i'd be surprised unless they have a huge season.

So if you are at 41 contracts going into next summer, plus you sign Kristo, Dietz, Thrower, Pribyl that's 45 with Nygren, Archambault and Walsh all needing to get inked, so unless moves are made we should be up against the 50 limit which could mean a prospect or two may end up on the outside looking in, or perhaps an AHL contract.

Do you think Beaulieu will be in the NHL or do you have him back in the Q as an overager? I'd be surprised if either happened.

If there's a lockout, we will have to wait and see how the league handles it. Two way contracts don't have anything to do with waivers. But who's to say what the league will do this time around if that ends up being the case. Two way contracts also don't have anything to do with reporting to minor league affiliates, it just means they get paid less if they aren't in the NHL.

Dumont was on the 2nd line last year when the injuries hit, but with a new coaching staff again, we'll have to wait and see who they like where since so many fowards on the team are able to play multi-positions, it makes putting rosters together on a message board a real waste of time as the different lineup possibilities are endless.
I thought because he was 19 to begin the season that he had to go back to juniors...If he is available to the Dogs certainly he's a lock.

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