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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
You seem to be forgetting that you're comparing baseball and football to hockey. Why not just start up a national cricket league in the States, since that's where all the money is? How about waterpolo, or handball? I don't believe you can popularize the game that much just by forcing it down people's throats. How are the MLS (the most popular sport on the world) revenues doing when compared to baseball or football?

So even if Nashville or Phoenix business owners may have tons of cash, and the city could support one more sports team, it doesn't mean that their populations will actually buy the tickets. Heck, even in LA, they have to offer "family deals" (4 drinks + hot dogs + parking + tickets for $99) in order to sell their tickets.

If the NHL wants to expand, Europe would be the most logical destination financially, not the States.
Probably the most ignored piece of the puzzle IMO. For decades now the NHL has increasingly produced an inferior product in an attempt to sway new fans - while ignoring their core fans. A good product sells itself. You can force feed me a terrible product all you want, I'm still unlikely to buy.

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