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08-19-2012, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
My point is that the "QOC doesn't matter" conclusion can only be valid if you're looking to split players into broad skill tiers, say: great, average, replacement level. Letang, Keith, Karlsson, etc are always going to show up in the "great" category no matter their QOC -- the uncorrected bias isn't going to be enough to move them down one category. But it's likely to be enough to move a guy from #3 to #10 or vice-versa. So if your goal is to compare the top d-men with each other, you can't say "QOC doesn't matter" and ignore it.

That said, IMO the zone start adjustment is likely to be more important than the QOC adjustment.
I just don't think when we are looking at 1st pairing defenseman that the difference in QoC is going to materially affect anything - as suggested by the article. I do not believe it needs to be adjusted.

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