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08-19-2012, 10:15 AM
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Scrap Bettman

Which teams do HFboarders believe will never be successful in the NHL? Scrap/Relocate them (Phoenix/Florida)

Increase the salary cap/decrease the floor and find a common ground on a revenue sharing model that will be good for both sides but whose ultimate goal will be to grow the game in places with potential. Teams with money will continue to spend but they'll also help support teams in flux in hopes those teams in flux one day dig themselves out of the gutter (I liken the Pitts. Pirates to the NY Islanders). Give teams like the Isles and Devils a timeline to try and cut a profit before the teams helping sustain them announce enough is enough (unless of course owners decide it's better for the NHL to keep these teams running at a deficit than not running at all)

Protect the owners from themselves. Cap max contracts at a % point both sides think is fair (13-14% imo).

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