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08-19-2012, 11:04 AM
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Although I haven't heard back about the ECHL internship and didn't get an answer to a follow-up I made the other day, I've made a decision about my career. I've decided that if I don't get a job in sports by December 31st (I'd be OK if I got a job this year but it didn't start till 2013), I'm going to make a break for something else.

I just can't keep working for free, and there's not enough jobs in the business for me to continue waiting it out. I work full-time, but as a contractor, my job doesn't provide health benefits. I'm only in my 20s but I feel like I have to start watching out for stuff like that. I'm starting to consider other areas where my writing and research skills will be of use, and I have background in other areas such as customer service that could benefit a company. It is looking more and more appealing to be able to still be a hockey fan and put money into season tickets and my jersey collection rather than working 10-12 hour days and continuing to work for free but still not getting anywhere.

I'm also looking at a field outside of communications/PR altogether, as the field as a whole is so competitive whether you're into sports or not.

It sucks to give up, because I have worked hard for a long time, but it's disappointing that my writing portfolio doesn't seem to mean anything to teams and they want me to take more free work. I used to work with a girl who did two sports internships, one with a minor league baseball team that has one of the best internship programs going, and she still didn't get a job in sports. So all the interning/working for free is clearly no guarantee.

But at some point, I have to stop chasing a fantasy and get practical. I'm thinking now is the time for that.

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