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Originally Posted by steve141 View Post
I'd support moving to only adding three players each round. I actually thought the pace of the dman project was to high after the predictable top 10. We didn't have time to dicsuss all ten players in depth each round. Which was unfortunate, since the difference between players is smaller the lower you get on the list.
As I said above, I like adding 3 players per round for 10 rounds for a top 30 list and 4 players per round for 10 rounds for a top 40.

So far, most people who have weighed in seem to prefer a top 40 list

Edit: since a lot of people seem to think more is better, technically we could add 3 per round for 15 rounds and make a top 45 goalies of all time list. Thought on that?. Would 15 rounds drag on too long? I though interest last time declined after round 10, but that might have been because of the holidays

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