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Hey guys, using my old issues of THN I thought I would compile a set of lists from the old "Future Watch" and "In The System" issues. The first "In The System issue was in 1989. In 1992 it became "Future Watch."

I figure some of you might find this interesting. Just to see how our prospects were ranked at that time by scouts. Sorry if it's a long post.. I'll change the font so the post won't be so damn big.

Remember that with these FW issues, as long as you're not considered an NHL regular at the time of printing, you're considered a prospect for these lists. Age doesn't matter.


1.Andrew Cassels
2.Mathieu Schneider
3.John LeClair
4.Stephane Lebeau
5.Randy Exelby
6.Sylvain Lefebvre
7.Benoit Brunet
8.Eric Charron
9.Francois Gravel
10.Jocelyn Lemieux


1.Andrew Cassels
2.Mathieu Schneider
3.Mark Pederson
4.Tom Chorske
5.Andre Racicot
6.Lindsay Vallis
7.Patrice Brisebois
8.Patrick Lebeau
9.Ed Cristofoli
10.Eric Charron

1991: (they only did a top 5 this year)

1.Gilbert Dionne
2.Lindsay Vallis
3.Patrice Brisebois
4.Patrik Kjellbrg
5.Patrik Carnback


1.Vladimir Vujtek
2.Gilbert Dionne
3.Patrick Lebeau
4.Paul DiPietro
5.Patrice Brisebois
6.Sean Hill
7.Brent Bilodeau
8.Patrik Kjellberg
9.Turner Stevenson
10.Jim Campbell


1.Brent Bilodeau
2.Valeri Bure
3.Turner Stevenson
4.Paul DiPietro
5.Pierre Sevigny
6.Yves Sarault
7.Jesse Belanger
8.Brian Savage
9.Oleg Petrov
10.David Wilkie


1.Valeri Bure
2.Saku Koivu
3.Jim Campbell
4.Brian Savage
5.Christian Proulx
6.David Wilkie
7.Craig Darby
8.Turner Stevenson
9.Les Kuntar
10.Rory Fitzpatrick


1.Saku Koivu
2.Valeri Bure
3.Darcy Tucker
4.David Wilkie
5.Rory Fitzpatrick
6.Craig Darby
7.Martin Brochu
8.Brad Brown
9.Jim Campbell
10.Sebastien Bordeleau


1.Jose Theodore
2.David Wilkie
3.Darcy Tucker
4.Terry Ryan
5.Sebastien Bordeleau
6.Craig Rivet
7.Brad Brown
8.Craig Conroy
9.Scott Fraser
10.Jonathan Delisle


1.Terry Ryan
2.Matt Higgins
3.Mathieu Garon
4.Brad Brown
5.Adam Wiesel
6.Miloslav Guren
7.Arron Asham
8.Tomas Vokoun
9.Eric Houde
10.Jonathan Delisle


1.Mathieu Garon
2.Jason Ward
3.Jose Theodore
4.Terry Ryan
5.Tomas Vokoun
6.Matt Higgins
7.Brad Brown
8.Eric Houde
9.Miloslav Guren
10.Aaron Asham


1.Mathieu Garon
2.Jose Theodore
3.Eric Chouinard
4.Andrei Markov
5.Jason Ward
6.Matt Higgins
7.Terry Ryan
8.Iikka Mikkola
9.Miloslav Guren
10.Mike Ribeiro


1.Mathieu Garon
2.Eric Chouinard
3.Mike Ribeiro
4.Andrei Markov
5.Chris Dyment
6.Timo Vertala
7.Alexander Buturlin
8.Iikka Mikkola
9.Michael Ryder
10.Matt Higgins


1.Ron Hainsey
2.Mathieu Garon
3.Marcel Hossa
4.Eric Chouinard
5.Jozef Balej
6.Mike Ribeiro
7.Timo Vertala
8.Chris Dyment
9.Alexander Buturlin
10.Christian Larrivee


1.Mike Komisarek
2.Ron Hainsey
3.Marcel Hossa
4.Alexander Perezhogin
5.Eric Chouinard
6.Mathieu Garon
7.Duncan Milroy
8.Jozef Balej
9.Tomas Plekanec
10.Chris Dyment


1.Alexander Perezhogin
2.Ron Hainsey
3.Chris Higgins
4.Mike Komisarek
5.Mathieu Garon
6.Jozef Balej
7.Duncan Milroy
8.Tomas Plekanec
9.Michael Ryder
10.Konstantin Korneev


1.Andrei Kostitsyn
2.Mike Komisarek
3.Chris Higgins
4.Alexander Perezhogin
5.Marcel Hossa
6.Ron Hainsey
7.Cory Urquhart
8.Michael Lambert
9.Maxim Lapierre
10.Jozef Balej


1.Andrei Kostitsyn
2.Chris Higgins
3.Alexander Perezhogin
4.Yann Danis
5.Kyle Chipchura
6.Tomas Plekanec
7.Ron Hainsey
8.Marcel Hossa
9.Mark Streit
10.Maxim Lapierre


1.Carey Price
2.Guillaume Latendresse
3.Andrei Kostitsyn
4.Kyle Chipchura
5.Yann Danis
6.Alexei Yemelin
7.Mikhail Grabovski
8.Sergei Kostitsyn
9.Juraj Mikus
10.Matt D'Agostini


1.Carey Price
2.Andrei Kostitsyn
3.Mikhail Grabovski
4.Ben Maxwell
5.David Fischer
6.Sergei Kostitsyn
7.Maxim Lapierre
8.Jaroslav Halak
9.Kyle Chipchura
10.Alexei Yemelin


1.Carey Price
2.Ryan McDonagh
3.Max Pacioretty
4.PK Subban
5.David Fischer
6.Alexei Yemelin
7.Yannick Weber
8.Ben Maxwell
9.Ryan White
10.Mikhail Grabosvki


1.Max Pacioretty
2.PK Subban
3.Ryan McDonagh
4.Matt D'Agostini
5.Ben Maxwell
6.Kyle Chipchura
7.Yannick Weber
8.Danny Kristo
9.David Fischer
10.Steve Quailer


1. P.K. Subban
2. Danny Kristo
3. Louis Leblanc
4. Ryan White
5. Yannick Weber
6. Joonas Nattinen
7. Mathieu Carle
8. Mac Bennett
9. Cedrick Desjardins
10. Ben Maxwell


1. Louis Leblanc
2. Jarred Tinordi
3. Danny Kristo
4. Alexander Avtsin
5. Michael Bournival
6. Ryan White
7. Aaron Palushaj
8. Joonas Nattinen
9. Mark MacMillan
10. Brendan Gallagher


1. Nathan Beaulieu
2. Louis Leblanc
3. Jarred Tinordi
4. Brendan Gallagher
5. Aaron Palushaj
6. Michael Bournival
7. Andreas Engqvist
8. Alexander Avtsin
9. Danny Kristo
10. Patrick Holland
The nonstop steady improvement from the time Timmins took over is actually mind boggling, not to mention the graduates that he already has.

I don't think anyone compares, he's a fitness freak as well. I think he's just one of those guys that has an extra level of commitment that many others don't possess. Signing him to an extension was one of Bergevin's best moves so far. It gives me confidence in Bergevin, some Gm's like to put their own guys in place, but he seen the same things that all of us who follow the habs so closely could see, I'm thankful to have him.

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