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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Two questions:

1) Is there some loophole I don't know about, or did Eller actually play substantially tougher minutes than Desharnais?
2) Given that Eller is apparently playing very tough minutes, should we reassess a common view among Habs fans that this player is not working out and that he may simply be a 3rd liner at best?
The only thing it tells us is that Eller had mostly defensive duties and he did quite well, while Desharnais had offensive duties and he did quite well.

This Desharnais/Eller debate is so annoying.

Do you realize that with the stats you use, you could also argue that given Moen (1,6) had way tougher opponents than Cole (-0.017), we shouldn't think Moen can't be more than a 3rd line player and that Cole's success was only due to him being placed in a more offensive situation than Cole?

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