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08-19-2012, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
Right. New Jersey was "in a pinch" for 5 consecutive years, and Pittsburgh was for the following 2. In spite of the fact that many teams don't play their #1s as much as Martin, let alone #2s, and Pittsburgh had several veteran defenseman capable of logging tough minutes, including Letang and a guy who was a #1 on his previous team, Michalek.

Tell me, how many of those 30 defenders averaging over 23.5 minutes per game are actually top pairing defenders? I count between 7-10 of them being around the #3 mark.

How about the year before?

Andrew MacDonald played as many minutes per game as Martin, they must both be top pairing defenders, right?

Did you even look at NJ's defense core before he joined the Penguins? Once Rafalski left they had a bunch of 2nd pairing defenders with Martin the only guy experienced playing a lot of minutes besides Rafalski and being their best option in that prime minutes role.

Michalek must be a top pairing defender too if he was a team's #1 before joining Pittsburgh, so realistically Pittsburgh had 3 top pairing defenders for the past 2 years?

Come on man, in what world does TOI/G mean anything other than that a player played that many minutes per game on average? It likely means they were their team's best option to get that TOI. Which means you compare them to the other options.

I'm not posting statistics because no matter what is posted it can be refuted, statistics are so arbitrary half the time. QoC? It's pointless, over 82 games QoC levels out to be fairly even for all players around the league given that team A plays their 1st line against 3rd pairing defenders and Team B then switches their 3rd pairing to 1st. Corsi? Awesome, a team got shot against more than another, maybe that was how their coach decided to play?

I'm not ignoring quotes, I'm taking them for what they are, praise from their own team and management. If we posted every quote from every coach, teammate and GM of their own players there would be 100 top pairing defenders around the league.

Why do you think New Jersey fans weren't upset to see Martin leave? He wasn't a top pairing defender for them.

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