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04-29-2006, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsArea
This is not about attitude but rather about his natural skinny frame, a genetic thing... I've a natural sportsman shape while my brother is geneticly shaped like my uncle.. It makes me laugh when he says he should have drunk milk when young.. He has been training hard to bulk up over the years but just cant add much pounds.. Ribs is skinny and will always be skinny, Im sure he tried to improve his quickness making power skating and everything but just cant get more powerful on skates... Why guys like Pavel Bure, Fleury, Petrov were such explosive while some small players will never get close as fast? Why Bouillon, a 5"8 defenseman is able to survive against the giants of this league? Its a matter of genetic at some point... I will reapeat for the 1000th time, Ribs has 2 major weakness that hurt his play at the NHL level, his total lack of strenght and quickness... 2 fundamental flaws that ask him alot more energy than others who dont have those weakness.. Ribs isnt lazzy, he showed alot of charactere at the end of the season and in that serie, where he gave everything to help his team to win but tonight he just couldnt compete with the other guys, he wasnt in the same league.. He was a big notch outmatched in every areas of the game, always behind the play

I dont have to debate longer about why I thought Ribeiro was that bad tonight, he was simply behind the play all the game long.

On another note, I do agree that Higgins is having a tough serie as well (but not for the same reason, Higgs isnt late on the play, he just doesnt generate any offense, too shaky.. Still solid defensively though.)

Ryder and Bonk didnt play a good game as well.
I dont agree with both statements. Youre going to tell me that with all the professional help, since he got drafted he couldnt get bigger? Hes 26 for god's sakes! That makes 8 years of intense trainning. If he was really dedicated he would be bigger and stronger today. Im the living proof myself, my dad and mom are skinny and i used to be skinny 6' 160lbs and after football trainning without cheating i gained 40 lbs in 4 years. If Ribeiro wanted it he would be bigger and stronger today.

BTW Ryder wasnt that bad today.

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