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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Facts Bob Dailey was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks then traded to the Flyers for the platers stated up thread. Other than unattributed quotes and the comment of a GM who traded for him you have nothing viewable or verifiable. The video is what is available and the flaws Dailey shows are not injury related, nor are they one instant flaws.
For evaulation:

I found this video here that features a younger Dailey (#3 in blue), and he doesn't strike me as a particular adept skater. Very wide base, iffy balance, I'll adjust for size and call him average. Wobbly, unsure. Based on his technique, I might suggest that he had decent straight-ahead speed once he got enough time to get it going. There's one instance where he's the last man back with Chicago pressuring and he comes back into the play, but not to anyone in particular. It seems like he was probably a guy that defended the front of the net due to his size/strength, but I'm not sure he understands the game well defensively. I'd reckon (just speculating on the little video I've seen) that he probably chased the puck a lot in the defensive zone because he didn't understand how to use his teammates, namely his D partner, properly.

EDIT: Sorry, I think I might have goofed on the numbers. #2 gets victimized (Jocelyn Guevremont Mike Robitaille) - and he logs a lot of time for this team, but he's another guy that I wouldn't trust to protect a 3-goal lead with a minute to go. Holy hell...


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