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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Dave Gardner only scored 18 career PP goals in the NHL, season high of 6.

Looks like everything you say should be fact checked.

1974-75 Golden Seals two of his teammates had 8 PPG - Patey and Hrechosy. 1976-77 Barons three of his teammates had more PPG than Gardner's 5.

Nyrop was simply more efficient, stay at home defenseman low risk.

Obviously I was mistzaken.

I do, however, find it hilarious that you didn't immediately realize I was talking about Paul Gardner.

Point still stands… It's not like they were just giving up garbage for Sgt.… It was three players who were expected to be NHL players.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
You are just reinforcing the point about Bingo Kampman:

He is one of the few to actually play hockey in the services during the three WWII seasons.

Others missed significant hockey time but made it back.
Yes, and he played a grand total of 17 games in those three seasons, at a drastically lower level of competition. Surely you know that it is harder to get back into game shape after playing down to this level for so long and not having much game experience in that time…

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
By "stats," you mean just GAA right? It would have been a useful study if seventies showed that Nicholsson changed a team's GAA for the positive (a "with or without" study) but I don't think he did that.

Just comparing the raw GAA of guys who played for different teams isn't particularly meaningful IMO
I think it is somewhat meaningful, but only meant to be a rough guide. It is possible that his goals-against averages weren't actually that's impressive compared to his leagues, and that the other goalies in the comparison were in fact good compared to their leagues. I would have to do a more Thorough analysis to determine if this is the case and if there is actually some fire behind that smike. I do truly suspect that there is, although it's possibled we'll see somewhat different results to what I originally concluded. They would certainly be more nuanced, at least. I do invite his current GM to take a look at this.

Originally Posted by Velociraptor View Post
So who's the next player we're going to put on the proverbial dartboard and exploit every exaggerated possible flaw on?

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