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08-19-2012, 04:25 PM
5M? insulting!!!
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Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
I agree that size is important, but smaller players can carve out a roster spot if they have other attributes to offer.

No, I'm not comparing DD to Sedin, only saying that they are best offensive centers on their respective teams. Sedin is obviously better than DD, however 62 points is substantial. Worth building around? Probably not. Worth a place on the team? Absolutely.

I would argue that DD is a smoother, better playmaker than Plek. We'll have to wait on Gally, but until he arrives, DD should continue to get prime offensive opportunities.
why him and not Plekanec ? didnt #14 showed he could get 60/70 pts before last season ?

I get that you would give a 80/100 pts player more offensize zone starts... make sense...

but to DD ? we're just replacing a 60+ pts player by another, there's no gain for the team as a whole to do that...

I mean, it's great that DD get softer minutes and can get to 60+ pts because of that, but if it means Plekanec drop from 60/70 pts to 50... what's the point in doing so?

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