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08-19-2012, 03:32 PM
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I think it is somewhat meaningful, but only meant to be a rough guide. It is possible that his goals-against averages weren't actually that's impressive compared to his leagues, and that the other goalies in the comparison were in fact good compared to their leagues. I would have to do a more Thorough analysis to determine if this is the case and if there is actually some fire behind that smike. I do truly suspect that there is, although it's possibled we'll see somewhat different results to what I originally concluded. They would certainly be more nuanced, at least. I do invite his current GM to take a look at this.
Right. It's certainly possible that Nicholsson really was good; I just don't know if the work has been done for that. We know he isn't in the HHOF like Paddy Moran and Riley Hern. And skimming the profile, I don't really see quotes from contemporaries calling him the greatest in the world or all-time noteworthy like my partner was able to find about Moran

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