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04-29-2006, 01:15 AM
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My Reasoning:

1)We need to make a couple of changes, since we've only scored 3 goals in the last two games. That is obviously not enough.

2) I would rather see Higgins at Centre than Bulis. Higgins may be a rookie, but he's earned the team's trust with his play this year. He was drafted as a Centre, as well.

3)There was no point in having Streit in last night's lineup. 6 D-Man is enough, hell we won Game 2 with 5. Better to have four full lines, especially when Sunny-Bonk-Murray was very good in Games 1 and 2.

4)Plekanec has to be on the ice much more that he has been. He is, until Koivu comes back, our top centre.

5)I'm a newfie, but even I recognize that even strength, Ryder is the biggest defensive liability on the team. So, he needs to play with 2 speedy, defensively responsible players who can cover for him. Bonk is responsible, but not fast enough to cover for Ryder, which is why Ryder was alone in covering Ward, and was
beaten badly.

Thus, my lines for Game 5.


(If Begin plays, then sub him in for Sundstrom, or move Bulis back to Ribs' line, and let Sunny babysit Higgins and Ryder.)

The 3rd and 4th lines would play similar minutes even strength, with the first 2 getting more time. Line 1 has been the best this series, Line 2 is essentially the same, but with a different LW'er.

The big problems I see with this lineup are that Ryder has no playmaker on his line, Kostitsyn is perhaps rusty.

Maybe Plekanec should play with Ryder and Higgins, and we could just hope Bonk plays better between Perez and Zeddy than he did on the top line.

Geez, I'm glad i'm not Gainey. The only thing I really feel sure of is that we should only play 6 D-Men, and that Ryder needs speedy, defensive players who can pass next to him.

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